Serra Mesa Village logo

Carl Demas, PresidentCarl Demas is our Board President. He is also President of the Serra Mesa Community Council and saw the need to assist in forming the Serra Mesa Village to help meet the needs of the senior citizens. His hobbies are attending meetings and home canning.

Preston ChippsPreston Chipps is our Secretary. He promptly sends out minutes of our board meetings. He also helps us coordinate with AARP.

AlSmith, WebmasterAl Smith is our Webmaster. An introvert by nature, he likes working behind the scenes. His hobbies are poetry and crochet.

Bill Horton, TravelBill Horton is our Travel Director. He’s in charge of our monthly outings. While on active duty, he served aboard the USS Kitty Hawk. He gets great support from his wife, Barbara.

Kathy Andrews, MembershipKathy Andrews sends out announcements, tracks membership, creates Village calendars, and adds humor to all she touches.

Former board members have our undying gratitude for their service:
Kay Phillips for arranging Connection Meetings and looking into a Care Committee.
Roberta Levy for uncounted hours looking for a physical location.
Trudy Boelman for organizing a walking group, starting movie matineés and publishing a cookbook.
Audrey Blevens for being our Treasurer and Membership tracker since the beginning. She recently resigned due to failing eyesight.